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Key issues to consider when choosing a card:

  • CreditNowUSA researches all of the types of prepaid cards offered. There are a variety of prepaid cards available to suit a variety of needs.
    • Some prepaid cards can only be loaded once. These cards are great for gifts because the recipient has the freedom to choose where to spend the money.
    • Another type of prepaid card is the reloadable card. This type of card can be used regularly and reloaded with cash. These cards are great for shopping, managing personal finances, or to pay bills. You can load funds through direct deposit or via loading stations.
  • Identify the reasons why you want a particular card. If the reasons include direct deposit for instance, then ask if the company accepts direct deposit and if they charge a fee or not.
  • Check the fees that are attached to the card. Most companies accept direct deposits free of charge, but charge fees when using a loading station. Many companies charge fees for ATM withdrawals and monthly maintenance. So make sure to learn all of the small charges before you decide to get one.
  • Find out the validity period of the card; know if and when it expires.

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Why get a prepaid card?

Prepaid credit cards are quickly becoming popular worldwide because of all of the advantages that they offer. They are great for managing your personal finances by not allowing you to go over your budget or into debt. You can even receive or give them as gifts. Many people get prepaid cards for the purpose of doing business and shopping online.

There are lots of reasons to get a prepaid card
through CreditNowUSA today:

  • Our prepaid cards can be used most everywhere including stores, gas stations, ATMs, online shopping, or paying bills online
  • Makes staying on budget and on top of your money easy
  • No bank account or credit checks
  • Online account access
  • Guaranteed approval
  • No more bank fees

Tips on Prepaid Cards

If you've been looking at various credit card offers and can't seem to find one that you like, then perhaps it's time to start thinking about prepaid cards instead. These cards function similarly to credit cards in that you can use them as a credit card but they are prepaid, meaning that you put cash on them before hand.

The benefits of this are numerous. First of all, unlike a regular credit card, you won't have to worry about penalties, late fees or interest rates. Second of all, if you want to buy one specific thing, you just put the cash on the card and pay for like you would with a credit card. Prepaid cards are accepted by most major retailers both on and off-line. Something else to consider is that they allow you to have control over your budget because you know exactly how much you expense rather than waiting for a notice in the mail and being surprised at the amount.

Another benefit prepaid cards is that you can get them almost instantly. This allows you to put money on the card and start using it immediately which is excellent if you have some emergency purchases to make.

You might be wondering at this point, what to look for in this style of car. For one thing, you first need to be sure of the expiry date. Generally speaking these are similar to regular credit cards in that they are a few years advance of the day you get the car but you will always want to check to be sure. Something else you want to consider is what type of fees they have associated the car. Some companies have to two years of service. On the one hand, you have a limited amount that you can put on the card and you will get charged every time you use. Another option that the particular card? Have is what is essentially no limits for one low monthly fee of typically around $10–$15.

One other thing to consider when looking at prepaid cards is whether or not they are one-time use for unlimited use. You also want to find a card that fits your needs long-term as well. So it pays to do a little bit of research and pick the right prepaid card for you.

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